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Without prejudice to the terms and conditions which also apply to the IEA’s Oil Market Report (the “OMR”) and related publications and the website www.oilmarketreport.org (the “OMR Website”), the Executive Director and Secretariat of the International Energy Agency are responsible for the publication of the OMR and related publications. Although some of the data is supplied by IEA Member country governments, largely on the basis of information they in turn receive from oil companies, neither these governments nor these oil companies necessarily share the Secretariat's views or conclusions as expressed therein. The OMR is prepared for general circulation and is circulated for general information only. Neither the information nor any opinion expressed in the OMR constitutes an offer, or an invitation to make an offer, to buy or sell any securities or any options, futures or other derivatives related to such securities. Only the full version of OMR which is downloadable in pdf format, is to be considered as the official medium of release of the OMR.